Who We Are / What We Do

  • Concept to Container

    SHOEfabrik is an Asia based, European owned, multi-nationally managed, premium footwear Design, Development and Sourcing Company.

  • Expertise

    Our regional Head Quarters is in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, where we have a team of over 70 people.

  • Philosophy

    SHOEfabrik was founded by David Solk and Irmi Kreuzer in 2002, an Anglo-German team with extensive experience in the industry, each with over 20 years based in Asia.

  • Elevating Brands

    All of our clients have a genuine desire to produce exceptional quality, highly functional footwear products...

  • Full Service

    SHOEfabrik offers a full service, including all design work, though we are happy to work directly with our client’s designers too.

  • Brand Management

    SHOEfabrik’s organization is structured to apply the maximum resources from start to finish.    


  • Dedicated Team

    Each brand SHOEfabrik works with has its own dedicated product creation team led by a highly experienced Brand Director.

  • Managed Expansion

    The founders and executive management of SHOEfabrik have extensive experience managing large sourcing organizations and broad relationships with manufacturers

  • The Basics

    ...often promised rarely delivered